Our Quality

FANTATTI is a synonym of quality and beauty. Our pieces are made from the best materials, including natural stones, CZs and crystals. The manufacturing process includes 8 layers, consisting of base treatments, thick layers of 18K Gold and a top coating, which ensures durability and great finishing. The 18K Gold, Rhodium and 925 Sterling Silver used in our jewelry are all genuine precious metals.

FANTATTI 18K Gold Layered is created with 8 layers of different materials, including base metals, 3 thick layers of 18K Gold and a special coating. All the materials used are authentic and of high quality, which makes our jewelry stand out from our competitors.

Our dedication throughout the years to achieve the highest quality has made our gold layered jewelry recognized worldwide for its beauty and durability. FANTATTI is produced under meticulous supervision from our manufacturing team to ensure that we maintain the same finest 18K Gold Layered Jewelry at all times.

Our customers health is our first concern when it comes to our jewelry. That is the reason why every FANTATTI product is Nickel Free and hypoallergenic, and is constantly tested to ensure the safety of our clients.