10 Reasons To Sell Fantatti

  1. Best opportunity to be your own boss. Open your business as our distributor or resell FANTATTI products.
  2. Get your financial independence and increase your monthly income
  3. Have freedom to be creative and to decide where to go, how to sell and how to develop your own business with the help of the FANTATTI Team
  4. Ability to work at your own hours and to be able to create your own schedule, having the opportunity to spend more time with your family
  5. Work with a brand like FANTATTI, that is trusted by its quality and integrity, and count with our qualified consultants to help you grow
  6. Choose from a great variety of products with beautiful designs that suit all ages and tastes
  7. Purchase your products directly from a manufacturer and obtain the best prices in the market. You can create your own reselling prices and decide how much profit you want to make.
  8. Have the support of a big company like FANTATTI that offers you marketing materials to increase your sales, such as catalogs, direct mail, displays, banners and professional pictures.
  9. Offer your customers a product that is hypoallergenic and that will last for a very long time
  10. Be successful! Pursue your financial and professional happiness and let the FANTATTI team be part of your accomplishment

How Can I Resell?

  1. Click here to register or call us at +1 305-433-5707 to speak to one of our sales representatives
  2. Wait for your registration approval
  3. We will call you and send you your login information, our catalogs and prices
  4. Check out our beautiful collection and place your order with us
  5. Become a FANTATTI reseller

Why Should I Become A Distributor?

  1. FANTATTI is dedicated to achieve excellence. FANTATTI has the highest quality products in the market and an outstanding customer service team
  2. FANTATTI has a big variety of products, including styles for women, teenagers, kids and men
  3. FANTATTI has very competitive prices and allow the distributors to mark up their products and obtain high profit, quickly returning their initial investment
  4. FANTATTI offers personalized marketing materials to support your business
  5. FANTATTI wants to see you grow and will support you and your business to achieve your goals
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